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Articles by jeffbarnes:

Quality or Quantity?

The sport of beer pong has grown tremendously since its modest beginning. But somewhere along the line, tournament organizers lost touch with their roots: Small local tournaments with modest prizes.

Cup Check

We get it. You are strong enough to smash a plastic beer pong cup over your head. Now, please do us all a favor by never doing it again.

So, Who’s Winning the Masters?

We’re less than two months away from the Masters of Beer Pong $100,000 tournament. It’s still early, but who’s your pick to win it all? Can anyone beat Ross Hampton?

Drunk or Sober?

Beer pong is traditionally a drinking game, although drinking takes a backseat during competitive play. Do you play better completely sober or with a buzz? Is there an advantage to either?

Pabst Blue Ribbon: Official Beer of the Masters of Beer Pong

Pabst Blue Ribbon will be the official beer of the Masters of Beer Pong tournament. With Vegas sunshine, pool parties, ice-cold PBR and a minimum prize pool of $100,000, you do not want to miss the biggest beer pong party of all time!

This Post is Sponsored By…

Every televised sport has one thing in common: Sponsors. The events are sponsored, the players are sponsored, you get the point. When will some innovative company step up to the plate and take the sport of beer pong by storm?

Beer Pong’s Bro Factor

Beer pong has a perception problem. Are we all just a bunch of “bros” standing around and playing beer pong, or are we something more?

Budweiser Unveils “Buddy Cup,” Stalkers Rejoice

Budweiser is making it easier than ever to meet friends and stalk the ones you aren’t friends with. Could this latest innovation revolutionize the beer pong world?

Is Beer Pong Becoming Too Easy?

Every sport needs to evolve to survive, and beer pong is no different. Is the game becoming too easy for the top players? What can we do to make the sport more difficult and balance things out?

Let’s Bounce?

The bounce shot in beer pong is as old as the game itself. But does anyone really bounce anymore? Is it time to finally retire the bounce shot?

Is Beer Pong a Dirty Sport?

According to a recent Clemson University study, dirty beer pong balls can transmit millions of harmful bacteria. Do yourself and your fellow players around you a favor and wash your hands. No one likes to play with dirty balls.

Beer Pong Hits the Arcade

Can’t find a bar or house party to get a game of beer pong in? Don’t you worry. A brand new beer pong game may be hitting an arcade near you soon. Bring lots of quarters.

BASEketball and the Lost Art of the Distraction

Once upon a time, beer pong players used distractions to help get into the heads of opponents and win games. Somewhere along the way, the art of the distraction was lost. How can we bring it back?

Starting From the Bottom

Beer pong players are so judgmental. You’re either a “good” player or a “bad” player, and once an opinion is formed it’s impossible to change. Who are some of the most underrated players you know?

The Biggest Fourth of July Party of All Time

The Masters of Beer Pong $100,000 beer pong tournament is quickly approaching. This is your last chance to sign up for only $250. Spend your 4th of July at the biggest party in the world.

Beer Pong Organizers: The Unsung Heroes

Usually, it’s the best beer pong players that get the most recognition. Even the best players in the world wouldn’t have been anything without the organizers who supplied them with places to play and tournaments to excel in. Who are some of the best organizers in your area?

Beer Pong Terminology

Beer pong players have a nickname for everything. Some of us take for granted some of the more common expressions used in beer pong. What are some beer pong terms unique to your area?

Beer Pong Superstitions

Maybe it’s a lucky shirt. Maybe you need an Egg McMuffin in the morning. Maybe you need to stand on a certain side of the table. We all have our own beer pong superstitions. What are some of yours?

Beer Pong Strategery

It may seem like a simple game of throwing a ball into a cup, but there’s a lot of strategy that goes into a competitive game of beer pong. What are some of the moves you make on the table to gain a competitive edge?

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Everyone who steps onto a beer pong table, whether it’s the local house party or the Masters of Beer Pong, knows to expect a little trash talk. At what point do we draw the line? Does trash talk get taken too far?

Massachusetts State Rep. Daniel Winslow: Beer Pong Man of the Year?

Republican Daniel Winslow is running for the U.S. Senate in the state of Massachusetts. The man kicked off his political campaign by holding a networking fundraiser beer pong tournament. He truly is a man of the people.

The Future of Beer Pong

Remember those heavy wooden beer pong tables we used to have to lug around? Remember running tournaments off of a piece of paper? Beer pong has come a long way in the last decade. Check this out to see just how things have changed.

What 3 people would you play beer pong with, alive or dead?

Everyone wants to know what three people you would choose to have dinner with, alive or dead. No one cares about that. What we’d really like to know is what 3 people you’d want to play beer pong with!

Never too old to pong

We’ve all been there. You’re playing beer pong at a party and the old people want to play. Next thing you know, they’re taking over the table! Is beer pong the new national pastime?

Getting Better at Beer Pong

Everyone wants to get better at beer pong. Once you get a taste of competitive beer pong, you’re usually left wanting more. How can you take your game to the next level? Is there any hope for you?

Dear Beer Pong Girlfriends

Valentine’s Day is long gone, but we wanted to send out a special message to all the beer pong girlfriends out there. We know we don’t make it easy for you. But you are appreciated.

What’s on your beer pong playlist?

Some players like to play in ear buds. Some players like to take in the atmosphere while they play. We can all agree that beer pong is best paired with music. So what’s on your beer pong playlist?

Who are the best players in your region?

“Best of” tournaments like Beast of the East are a great way to pit the top players from surrounding regions and states against each other for big money. But there’s always drama because someone will feel left out. What criteria do you use to select your “best” players?

Who’s on your “Kill Bill” list?

Every beer pong player runs into a player or a team they just can’t beat. Some of them give up, some of them choose to get better and get their revenge. Who would be on your “Kill Bill” list?

What’s in a beer pong team name?

Beer pong is more than just hitting cups. A great team name is everything.

North Korea threatens nuclear attack over the elbow rule

Will the elbow rule debate lead to the next World War?

Winning with momentum

It’s not how you start a game of beer pong, it’s how you finish.

What’s in your cup?

Almost any beer is good for beer pong. Is there such thing as bad beer for the game?

True Life: “I Play Competitive Beer Pong”

Beer Pong. Undisputedly a drinking game. Arguably a sport. Possibly an addiction? What do people think about your beer pong addiction?

Tell Your Story to BPONG!

Would you like to be profiled on the BPONG.com website? Find out how!

Since U Been Gone

How do you deal with a beer pong breakup?

Become Beer Pong’s Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco has more in common with your favorite World Series of Beer Pong Champion than you think.

Beer Pong Brawl Leads to Pope’s Resignation

Find out what really lead to Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation

Nice Rack: Beer Pong’s Most Famous Boobs

A look at the nicest rack in beer pong history.

Beer pong, pool parties and $100,000? Yes please.

With the announcement of the Masters of Beer Pong™, this July just got more interesting…

Drinkin’ Smokin’ Straight West Coastin’ Wins WSOBP VIII

“Drinkin’ Smokin’ Straight West Coastin'” teammates Michael “Sonoma Joe” Sievert and Timothy “Byron” Findley win the WSOBP VIII and $50,000

WSOBP VIII Day Two Recap and Final Day Preview

A look at today’s Day Two action and tomorrow’s final day

WSOBP VIII Day One Recap

The first day of the WSOBP VIII is officially in the books, with two teams tied for first place at the halfway point in preliminary play.

DanegeRoss wins the East vs. West Tournament

DanegRoss wins East vs. West Tournament

The day we’ve all been waiting for

As sign up day for The World Series of Beer Pong VIII arrives, Jeff Barnes gives his thoughts

It’s a Beer Pong Table, Not a Flip Cup Table

Every so often at a party, we get the annoying request: “Hey guys, let’s play flip cup instead so more people can play!” Read Jeff Barnes take on this obnoxious situation.

Everything you’ve read about the history of beer pong is bullshit.

Jeff Barnes discusses the history of Beer Pong and touches on rules and variations

Beer Pong Players: The Old and The New

Beer pong players are, for the most part, creatures of habit. We like to stand on certain sides of the table. We have preferences over what cup formations we shoot at. We have certain rules and equipment types we like to use while we play. When these preferences get altered, we resist.

WSOBP 8 Countdown

The month before the WSOBP is one the most exciting times for any kind of beer pong player. For the casual player, the idea of going to Las Vegas for a week of drinking, debauchery, gambling and a little bit of beer pong is exciting enough. For the serious player, the WSOBP is the culmination of something much more.