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Beer Pong for Newbies

Beer Pong is considered a drinking game that’s mostly popular on college campuses. The game’s played with cups and balls. The cups are half filled with beer and are arranged in a triangle shape starting with 3 cups at the farthest edge of the table, descending to the one cup ascending closer to the center […]

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Best Distraction Techniques in Beer Pong

Most experienced players of Beer Pong know that in order to win, besides skills, you need to come up with creative ways to distract your opponent, especially if they’re in the lead. Here are some creative techniques that both guys and girls alike can utilize to beat their opponent. GUYS 1) Awkward Stare Nothing is […]

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Five All-Time Awesome Beer Pong Tricks

Many moves in beer pong can be described as “tricks”, such as the twirling 360 and the acrobatic Under the Leg, as well as the lazy blindfold. (“Look, Ma! No Eyes!”) But the finest beer pong tricks take more imagination. The best beer pong performances involve props–other objects other than ball and cup, intermediaries, if […]

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WSOBP IX Final Standings Top 160

1 Rank Team Name 2 1 Jurassic Pong 3 2 Blitzkrieg -Kessler & Marx 4 3 drinkin smokin straight west coastin 5 3 Deep Fried Peanuts 6 5 White Girl Wasted 7 5 Nothing but Bogeys 8 7 Dragon Riders 9 7 ebonIE & ivorIEE 10 9 Chalmers For President 11 9 WetBack Wasted 12 […]

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WSOBP IX Day 1 Prelim Results

WSOBP IX Day 1 Prelim Results 1 They Google Me 6 0 28 1 hank&dank 6 0 28 1 Blitzkrieg -Kessler & Marx 6 0 28 4 Flawless Victory 6 0 27 4 Brick and Dick The Matt ONeil Fan Club 6 0 27 6 Stretch Armstrong 6 0 26 7 Unfappingbelievable 6 0 25 […]


Black People and Beer Pong

Hey there, Mr. Barkley. I hope you’re doing well. Rumor has it that a few weeks back, you told TMZ that “black people don’t play beer pong.” When informed by the TMZ reporter that Michael Jordan had just been photographed playing, you responded by adding “You think they got beer pong in the hood?” Sigh. […]



Can you feel it? Are you ready? In less than seven weeks, hundreds of teams will descend upon Vegas, many with hangovers from the revelry of the night before. Right now, everyone has that tingle. Everyone is undefeated. Everyone can dream of that glorious moment when Billy shakes you and your partner’s hand and presents […]

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Quality or Quantity?

The sport of beer pong has grown tremendously since its modest beginning. But somewhere along the line, tournament organizers lost touch with their roots: Small local tournaments with modest prizes.


Cup Check

We get it. You are strong enough to smash a plastic beer pong cup over your head. Now, please do us all a favor by never doing it again.


So, Who’s Winning the Masters?

We’re less than two months away from the Masters of Beer Pong $100,000 tournament. It’s still early, but who’s your pick to win it all? Can anyone beat Ross Hampton?

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Drunk or Sober?

Beer pong is traditionally a drinking game, although drinking takes a backseat during competitive play. Do you play better completely sober or with a buzz? Is there an advantage to either?

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