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Every televised sport has one thing in common: Sponsors. The events are sponsored, the players are sponsored, you get the point. When will some innovative company step up to the plate and take the sport of beer pong by storm?

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Beer Pong’s Bro Factor

Beer pong has a perception problem. Are we all just a bunch of “bros” standing around and playing beer pong, or are we something more?

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Is Beer Pong Becoming Too Easy?

Every sport needs to evolve to survive, and beer pong is no different. Is the game becoming too easy for the top players? What can we do to make the sport more difficult and balance things out?


Let’s Bounce?

The bounce shot in beer pong is as old as the game itself. But does anyone really bounce anymore? Is it time to finally retire the bounce shot?


Is Beer Pong a Dirty Sport?

According to a recent Clemson University study, dirty beer pong balls can transmit millions of harmful bacteria. Do yourself and your fellow players around you a favor and wash your hands. No one likes to play with dirty balls.


Beer Pong Hits the Arcade

Can’t find a bar or house party to get a game of beer pong in? Don’t you worry. A brand new beer pong game may be hitting an arcade near you soon. Bring lots of quarters.


Starting From the Bottom

Beer pong players are so judgmental. You’re either a “good” player or a “bad” player, and once an opinion is formed it’s impossible to change. Who are some of the most underrated players you know?

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Beer Pong Organizers: The Unsung Heroes

Usually, it’s the best beer pong players that get the most recognition. Even the best players in the world wouldn’t have been anything without the organizers who supplied them with places to play and tournaments to excel in. Who are some of the best organizers in your area?

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