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Beer Pong Superstitions

Maybe it’s a lucky shirt. Maybe you need an Egg McMuffin in the morning. Maybe you need to stand on a certain side of the table. We all have our own beer pong superstitions. What are some of yours?


Beer Pong Strategery

It may seem like a simple game of throwing a ball into a cup, but there’s a lot of strategy that goes into a competitive game of beer pong. What are some of the moves you make on the table to gain a competitive edge?

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Everyone who steps onto a beer pong table, whether it’s the local house party or the Masters of Beer Pong, knows to expect a little trash talk. At what point do we draw the line? Does trash talk get taken too far?

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The Future of Beer Pong

Remember those heavy wooden beer pong tables we used to have to lug around? Remember running tournaments off of a piece of paper? Beer pong has come a long way in the last decade. Check this out to see just how things have changed.

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Never too old to pong

We’ve all been there. You’re playing beer pong at a party and the old people want to play. Next thing you know, they’re taking over the table! Is beer pong the new national pastime?

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Getting Better at Beer Pong

Everyone wants to get better at beer pong. Once you get a taste of competitive beer pong, you’re usually left wanting more. How can you take your game to the next level? Is there any hope for you?


Dear Beer Pong Girlfriends

Valentine’s Day is long gone, but we wanted to send out a special message to all the beer pong girlfriends out there. We know we don’t make it easy for you. But you are appreciated.

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What’s on your beer pong playlist?

Some players like to play in ear buds. Some players like to take in the atmosphere while they play. We can all agree that beer pong is best paired with music. So what’s on your beer pong playlist?


Who are the best players in your region?

“Best of” tournaments like Beast of the East are a great way to pit the top players from surrounding regions and states against each other for big money. But there’s always drama because someone will feel left out. What criteria do you use to select your “best” players?

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Who’s on your “Kill Bill” list?

Every beer pong player runs into a player or a team they just can’t beat. Some of them give up, some of them choose to get better and get their revenge. Who would be on your “Kill Bill” list?

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