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    I am looking to get WSOBP rules going in Austin. We have alot of house players but not much WSOBP rules players. I am working with a local bar to get a Tourney going Monday April 23rd 2012, find us on the FB page below and like . Thank you.




    Hey guys!!! We are in the same boat. I am trying to get some NBPL interest going in the Houston area. I’ve started the Recreational Beer League and we hold tournament all over Houston. We should partner up. Check us out on facebook.



    whats your fb url and I will hit you up there?



    just started looking into NBPL/WOSBP ruled BP in texas.



    NPBL weekly tournaments will be held at Old School Bar & Grill starting Sunday, May 13th. It will be a free weekly tournament with the winners winning free entry into 512PONG’s WSOBP Satellite on Saturday, May 26th! The tournament will be on the WSOBP site by the end of the week. Hope you come and play some pong!


    What time on Sundays?



    NBPL Sunday Weekly Tournaments will start at 9pm. The tournament is free and will start Sunday, May 13th. Winners will receive free entry in the WSOBP Satellite on Saturday, May 26th.
    Old School Bar & Grill is going to hopefully going to promote 3 more Satellites this year.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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