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Death Cup or Death Spot?

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    While playing beer pong tonight, my friends and I met an unexpected turn of events…

    If opposing players makes ball into cups 1 and 3.. Then taking cups 1 & 3 out and ACCIDENTALLY putting cup 5 into cup 3 position and cup 2 into cup 5 position…

    Then the opposing players make it into what they believe to be cup 3… but is actually cup 5… is this cup a death cup? if yes, why? because the cup that was suppose to be taken out was out of the spot, but a NEW cup replaced it… If no, then what would this be? Would you just play on?


    There’s no such thing as death cup in wsobp rules. By rule a team must wait to shoot until the rack is properly set. They should have been paying attention and not shot at it in the first place. Since it wasn’t noticed until after the shot occurred then, unforgettably for the other team (since they made it), the shot doesn’t count. The cups should have been put in there correct position and then let that player re-shoot. How does that even accidentally happen… Here are the rules for wsobp…




    :D thanks for the reply!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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