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How are you practicing?

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    i wish my real partner larry could come to WSOBP but he cant make it so im brining someone else but he is still very good. i just play better with larry.. oh i no beer pong is off the hook in maryland comapared to other places i have heard of. me and my partner have already payed in full and got our plane tickets so we are set and ready to go. i have been saving since january cuz i couldnt go last year so i have been ready for a while trust me and i cant wait



    awesome. My plan is to find a tournament and win my way in, but I’ll still have to buy plane tickets ..etc all that.



    well i hope there are some satellite tournaments around the area that i can enter



    I agree with the people that say practice with a partner. Because you get use to set up, like last night I practiced and I ran into the same weird set up twice so I was to it and knew how to approach it the second time. And if your a beginner you may also learn racking ideas, on when a good time to rack it and when to how off.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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