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    Anything going on around here fr tournaments? I’ve got a couple of tables if anyone is interested in starting one up.



    yo darrender, Im pretty sure me and my league are the most recognized Beer Pong players around the Baton Rouge area. Ive lived in BR for the last few years and been to and hosted tons of house tourneys and even a few at bars. Ive tried to recruit the best talent in the BR area for our league and such. You can check out the site, it hasnt been updated in a little while because we are trying to get the league back started. link. If nothing else we’ve been playing pretty serious small tourneys at my house on sunday nights I can get you some info and we can meet up.
    Just as an example of how our teams have matched up against BR’s best. They had a 30 team tournament at JL’s a little over a year ago, we brought 4 teams from our league…3 of our teams made the final four of that tourney and 2 were in the finals. We are always looking for serious players and quality competition though.



    might could do that. I’m a bit older then most of your normal players. My best friends little brother got me into this, and I’ve been loving it. Email me at darrender@gmail.com, and give me some info. I will go check out the site after I get off work. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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