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Question about registration

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    It seems like last year when we signed up the form asked us for both of our names and info. If I reserve my spot for 100 bucks does it also reserve my partner’s spot or does he also have to register? I get as far as the credit card info and it still hasn’t asked me for my partner’s info. It also says I would still have to pay an additional 225 which obviously doesn’t include his fees. Let me know asap, guys. Thanks.



    hey man you dont pay together . its $325 a person. eventually you can link your teamate together and your team and your roomate.



    So if I go do the registration now it will eventually ask me his info so I can confirm him as well? He doesn’t have to seperately register on his own? (sorry for all the questions, man. I just don’t wanna fuck it up, haha)



    im not one of the ones who created the website. but i already signed up and payed in full.. u both have to sign up seperatly. u sign up and pay ur way and then he goes on and signs up and then later down the line u will link yourself to him and make your team name and make him your roomate.. so just do your thing now and sign up and make sure when he signs up he picks the same kind of room and everything


    William Gaines

    You both have to register separately. Then, we’ll add a feature to the site where you guys can link up as a team.

    The reason we changed it this year was because last year, a lot of people did not like having to pay one lump payment for both players – they wanted to pay separately. Accordingly, we just set it up differently this year.

    The main thing you need to do now is reserve your spot (and make sure your teammate does the same). Then later, you guys can pair up to form a team and to pair up as roommates. You’ll also be able to pay the balance if you do not pay the full amount up front.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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