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Re Racks

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    I do not see anywhere in the rules about re racks… We have seen from house party to house party where you are alotted a certain number of times to re rack the cup or do the same at a designated number? Are the cups ever rearranged (reracked)?



    Well at house partys, its all about whatever the owner of the house rules it. but at tournaments and the wsobp you have to automatically re-rack at six cups, three cups and one cup. Always in a triangle and the last cup is centered in the back…



    Look for Tournament Rules under the Competitive Beer Pong tab.




    I have put together a bunch of reracks here, check it out: PartyHouse Pong ReRacks.



    Hey sorry guys the link for the reracks is actually this one. I added a lot to it and I think it’s the most extensive list of beer pong rerack pics on the web so check it out. Beer pong reracks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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