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BPONG Table 1 - Choose A Design

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BPONG Table 2 - Choose A Design

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Ice Rack Bundle with Cups and Balls

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BPONG Ice Rack Bundle with Cups and Balls

Frozen Beer Pong Ice Rack Bundle - keep your beers cold while you play

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Masters of Beer Pong Poster

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MOBP Poster – Want To Play?

Dress up your living space with this awesome poster

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BPONG Pitcher

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BPONG™ 48 oz Pitcher

48oz Pitcher

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This is for the true hardcore. Whether for your mancave, your satellite tournaments or just some killer tailgate action, the CHAMPIONS PACKAGE gets you ready for the Spring and Summer!
All new the CHAMPIONS PACKAGE can get you pumped up for the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas or for your frat, bar, mancave or tailgate party to be taken to the next level and assures your friends won’t be waiting way longer for their turn than necessary. Spring Break and Summer parties require DOUBLE the action.

The BPONG CHAMPIONS PACKAGE is Valued at $350.
Buy it as a package for $235 and save BIG Over 33% Off!


*TWO* BPONG Tables

You are about to experience beer pong on a professional level—the official table of The World Series of Beer Pong.® The BPONG® Table includes six BPONG® Game Balls to start your game out right. Two handles make transportation simple, and the beer pong table sections have a small latch to keep the table in briefcase form throughout transit. Recognized as the one and only Table of Champions™ by beer pong players around the world, the BPONG® Table is the only way the pro’s play. Game on!

This is the Official Table of The World Series of Beer Pong

Vital Stats and Dimensions of this Beer Pong Table

-Built of sturdy aluminum
-8 feet long – 2 feet wide – about 27.5 inches tall when setup

-Folds down into a portable 2 feet x 2 feet x 5 inches

-Weighs in at 21 pounds

(2) Ice Rack Bundle Kits

Includes the following

- 4 BPONG™ Beer Pong Ball

Perfect for hot days and hot parties. Fill the BPONG™ Ice Rack – Frozen Beer Pong Rack Set with water and freeze to keep your beer chilled through many games of beer pong. Bundle includes 36 Pack of Cups and 6 BPONG brand balls.

Important Note: The BPONG™ Ice Rack was made specifically to fit BPONG™ Cups. There are many different cup sizes and shapes, and this rack may not work well with other cup designs.

3-Star, Tournament Grade, Seamless 40 mm white beer pong balls. These beer pong balls are the official beer pong balls of The World Series of Beer Pong

- 22 BPONG™ Beer Pong Cups – Regulation Size Cups Compatible with Official BPONG™ Racks 

These beer pong cups constitute the only beer pong cups you will see at The World Series of Beer Pong. Each beer pong cup is a 16 oz. cup specifically designed for your beer pong pleasure.

(2) Pitchers 

Official WSOBP Poster

Weight 374 oz
Dimensions 26.5 x 5 x 26.5 in
Table Design (Packages)

Basketball Court, BPONG-Black, BPONG-White, BPONG®, Hawaiian Pink, Smokin’, Splatter Edition, WSOBP Masters, WSOBP Vegas Edition




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