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For those that want to upgrade their Beer Pong experience, introducing the BPONG SWAG BAG

The BPONG SWAG BAG is Valued at $107.90 Buy it as a package for $75 for a 30% Savings!


  • 1 Ice Rack Set (Retail Price: $29.99)
    Perfect for hot days and hot parties. Fill the BPONG™ Ice Rack – Frozen Beer Pong Rack Set with water and freeze to keep your beer chilled through many games of beer pong. Cups not included.Important Note: The BPONG™ Ice Rack was made specifically to fit BPONG™ Cups. There are many different cup sizes and shapes, and this rack may not work well with other cup designs.

  • 1 Starter Kit (Retail Price: $5.99)

    The BPONG Rack Kit – Beer Pong Essentials Kit includes the following:

    - 2 BPONG™ Beer Pong Balls
    3-Star, Tournament Grade, Seamless 40 mm white beer pong balls. These beer pong balls are the official beer pong balls of The World Series of Beer Pong

    - 22 BPONG™ Beer Pong Cups – Regulation Size Cups Compatible with Official BPONG™ Racks 

    These beer pong cups constitute the only beer pong cups you will see at The World Series of Beer Pong. Each beer pong cup is a 16 oz. cup specifically designed for your beer pong pleasure.

  • 1 Last Cup Documentary (Retail Price: $19.99)

  • 2 Can Grips (Retail Price: $9.98)

  • This cool can holder lets you drink a tinny like a proper beer – light weight, cool looking and reusable – be the envy of all your mates!

  • 2 Can Koozies (Retail Price: 9.98)
    Warm beer bad – Cool beer, GREAT! Keep your beer ice chilled with a BPONG Koozies

  • 2 Pint Glasses (Retail Price: $11.98)
    A stylish, quality pint glass featuring the iconic BPONG logo

    1 WSOBP V Banner (Retail Price: $19.99)
    Just like you were there.


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