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The World Series of Beer Pong X


TBD(Wednesday - Sunday)


The Flamingo Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

  • 4 Nights on the Strip
  • 100's of Teams From Across The Globe
  • 12 Guaranteed Games
  • TBD
  • TBD

The World Series of Beer Pong is the largest, longest-running organized beer pong (aka Beirut) tournament in the world, created by beer pong players, for beer pong players. Last years event drew over 1,000 participants from 45 U.S. States and 5 Canadian Provinces, offering the largest payout in beer pong history of $65,000 (prizes TBD for 2014). Games are played on 8-foot BPONG Tables, and WSOBP Rules govern all gameplay. Players may buy-in to the event at any time prior to Dec. 10, 2014, or they may choose to win their way to the event by competing in an official Satellite Tournament. For other questions, please review the FAQ, and remember to pong happy.

Attention: Before emailing us with questions, READ THE F.A.Q.!

Side Events

East V West

Date/Time/Location: TBD

2 person teams. Double elimination. Teams divided into East Coast and West Coast categories. Tournament will be split into 4 separate 32-team brackets. 16 teams from each coast will fill each bracket. All first round matches will pair one East and one West team. Random initial seeding. Re-seeding Procedure: For each round, teams will be re-seeded to maximize East vs West match-ups when possible.

Perfect way to kick off the year is by seeing which coast is truly the best!

Sit N' Go's available as well from 8PM-2AM


Men's/Women's Singles

Date/Time/Location: TBD

Women's event will consist of a maximum of 32 players. All players will be placed in one double elimination bracket. If need be, this event may be opened to accommodate more players.

Men's event will consist of a maximum 112 players. If the event is under 96 players, one double elimination bracket will be used. If over 96 players, the first 80 players that have signed up will be placed in a double elimination bracket. Players 81-112 will be placed in a single elimination bracket, with the winners of those games moving into the other bracket to make it 96 players. If the single elimination portion does not sell out, players will be shuffled randomly to distribute the beneficiaries of byes. Those that receive this benefit will move directly into the double elimination bracket.

With no partner to blame, you will rise up and claim the title of WSOBP X Singles Champion?


Best of the Best

Date/Time/Location: TBD

A designated group of the best players from each US area compete.


Sit N' Go's available as well from 10:30PM -2AM


3v3 and Co-ed 3v3

Date/Time/Location: January 3rd, 2014; 10AM; Sunset Ballroom

3v3 Details: 10 cups is NOT enough! Fine, you can get 15! Plus another person to help ya sink ‘em!

This event is a new pong classic! Teams of 3 will compete in a double elimination bracket that’s limited to 32 teams. If all three players make their initial shots, any player may take the rollback shot. No restrictions here. No racks will be used, so watch those drifters!

Co-ed 3v3 Details: Due to what seems like overwhelming feedback in favor of this event, we have added it to the schedule.

We will be staggering rounds with the regular 3v3, so playing in both should not be a problem as long as you are on your toes.

Same as the regular event, only one member of your team must be co-ed.

In the interest of brevity, ANY PLAYER may take the rollback.

Field is strictly limited to 32 teams.



Date/Time/Location: TBD

In the world of competitive beer pong, the ladies are often over looked. This event solves that problem by placing the ladies front and center!

The main bracket will be double elimination, with 32 teams starting out. If we need to add more, we will. Teams over the 32 cutoff will play for a spot in the main bracket.

And the twist: Ladies gotta take all rollbacks!


Sit N' Go's available as well from 10:30PM -2AM


Flip Cup

Date/Time/Location: TBD

After the battles of prelims on days 1 & 2 BPONG will offer a Flip Cup event for the ages. Build a 5 person team now! If you have fun playing beer pong with us, imagine how fun this event will be! After the tournament is over we will move the tables and try for the largest game of flip cup that Vegas has ever seen!

A best of three single elimination bracket will be used until the semifinals. Semifinals will be best of 5, with the Finals being best of 7.

We will only be taking up to 32 teams for this event. Cost per player will be $10 plus your drink of choice.




Frequently Asked Questions:


What rules do you play by?

The WSOBP Rules are the official rules of the WSOBP.

View the rules onlne.

What is the structure of the tournament?

  • Jan.1 – (Registration): All teams check in to the Flamingo and register with WSOBP Staff.
  • Jan.2 – (Prelims): Each team plays 6 randomly-paired games (tentative)
  • Jan.3 – (Prelims): Each team plays 6 randomly-paired games (tentative)
  • Jan.4 – (Finals): Approximately 1/3 of the field will remain to compete on the final day. A bracket system will be used to determine the champion. (tentative)
  • Jan.5: Check-out of hotel.

Do i have to stay at the Flamingo?

Yes. For reasons related to liability, we require all event participants to have a room at the Flamingo.

Do I need to win a Satellite Tournament to enter?

No. You may sign up at any time.

Do I need to make my own travel arrangements?


When do I need to arrive on Jan.1?

You and your teammate must arrive prior to 8:00 PM on Jan.1, at which point you must both register with WSOBP Staff.

Can I check out The WSOBP VIII as a spectator?

Yes. Tickets are available to spectators during the event and can be purchased at the Sunset Ballroom Ticketing Booth on the 3rd floor of The Flamingo. The ticketing booth will be open from 2:00-6:00pm on January 1, 2013 for advance purchase and will open at 10:30am (a half hour before the start of play) on January 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. The following spectator passes are available:

3 Day Party Pass – $50

2 Day Party Pass – $30

Single Day Party Pass – $20

For the first time this year, we will also be offering a VIP package that includes an all you can drink option. In addition to the AYCD option, VIP's will also have access to preferential practice tables and many great options. This is really the only way to see the WSOBP!


What is beer pong vs. beirut?

At some schools, beer pong is a game played with paddles, and the object of the game is to use the paddles to knock a ping pong ball into your opponent’s cup. Beirut probably evolved from this sense of beer pong, and it is the term that definitively describes the game in which the players attempt to throw a ping pong ball into an opponent’s cup. At many locations, however, beer pong and Beirut are synonymous, as it is on this site. Wherever you see beer pong (or pong for short) throughout .::BeerPong.com::., we are most often referring to the game in which the players actually throw the ball.

Why do you allow leaning at The World Series of Beer Pong™?

This has always been heavily debated, and we’ve spent hundreds (literally) of hours trying to get the best rules possible. So, here’s the short version. The main problem with leaning is fairness, dispute minimization, and enforcement.

First, how do you enforce that when you have 50 tables running (we can’t have 50 refs out there)? People have to enforce it themselves. In EVERY tournament I’ve seen with an elbow rule, people are always bitching, “You’re elbow crossed the table.” Now, some people are right, some are wrong, some are trying to get in the opponent’s head. Inany of those situations, (and especially when big money is on the line) people’s tempers can flare. Verbal confrontations can escalate and lead to physical confrontations, and with 500+ people in the venue, we can’t have this shit. Thus, we wanted to minimize disputes (and then there aren’t enforcement problems).

Then we come to fairness: with big money on the line, we have to be fair, and we’ve got to get it right. Determining whether a person’s elbow crossed the line is semi-subjective. What if it’s the championship game and maybe that guy’s/girl’s elbow crossed the table? I make the wrong call, I cost a team $20,000 (or more). I don’t want that.

That’s the short explanation. Here’s a final thought: we’re always open to changing things up, but we’ve spent a lot of time considering this point and taken a shitload of input from other people. Most (especially those that have seen our events) are in agreement that we’ve made the right call. Now, if some 7’9″ mother fucker shows up and starts running tables, we’ll reconsider stuff (or maybe just cut off his arms).

I heard you guys play beer pong with water. Is that true?

Sort of. The World Series of Beer Pong, held annually in Las Vegas, has previously used beer in the front 6 cups of the beer pong rack. However, there are a number of places in the US where playing beer pong with beer is not allowed in bars. Therefore, you will often see beer pong played with water in local tournaments. For the first time, we intend to use water in all cups at The WSOBP IX, mostly for logistical reasons.

What is a World Series of Beer Pong Satellite™ Tournament?

This is a tournament held at a local bar or venue where the winning team will receive a free paid entrance into The World Series of Beer Pong. This includes all registration fees, as well as a four night hotel stay at The Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

How do I run a World Series of Beer Pong Satellite Tournament?

Running a Satellite Tournament is easy, and we can walk you through the entire process. If you are interested in running a Satellite Tournament, please contact us here.

Will you guys help me sponsor and/or put together a phat beer pong / beirut tournament?

Does a bear shit in the woods? Hell yeah, we have many options that may suit your needs. “Flexibility” is our middle name. Check out our “Contact” page to send us an email. We’ll get back to you ASAP to start working on a custom solution to meet your beer pong needs.

How much does it cost to play in The World Series of Beer Pong?

The cheapest package costs $450. This INCLUDES a four night stay at The Flamingo in Vegas. Due to the nature of the event, we do require that all participants stay at The Flamingo, so we don’t offer a tournament-only package. To see all available packages, please visit the WSOBP page.

What are the official rules of beer pong?

You can find the Official Rules of The World Series of Beer Pong here.

I love what you guys are doing, and would love to become a sponsor. Is that possible?

Sure. Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you immediately..

One or both of my parents would like to play beer pong with me. Is that cool?

Absolutely. Family pong tournaments and family pong nights can be some of the best. You certainly get to see who was born with skill and who had to learn the game.

I’m not very good at beer pong. Should I play in a beer pong tournament anyway?

Absolutely. While beer pong tournaments can be highly competitive, they are also a lot of fun. They’re a great way to hang out, meet new people, and talk a little trash to someone you’ve never met.